Astro Boy Boots Mschf: All You Need To Know

by Anchal Thakur

Astro Boy Boots Mschf: Again, a crazy pair of shoes has taken over the internet. MSCHF has given fans hints about a pair of big red boots, which has caused a stir. The shoes were inspired by a particular anime character.

This isn’t the first time that the Brooklyn-based art collective has made the news or made a viral product. Back in the summer of 2021, Lil Nas X took MSCHF to court over a pair of shoes they worked on together.

The sneakers were called “Satan Shoes” because they had drops of real human blood in the soles and Nike’s classic “swoosh” logo. When the shoes first came out, they sold out in less than a minute. This made a big deal for the rapper and MSCHF.

Now MSCHF is back with something new and less bloody. Some big red boots.

Mschf Big Red Astro Boots

The art collective’s most recent shoes aren’t just trainers. Instead, they are much more experimental. Astro Boy, a popular anime character, was the inspiration for the shoes, which are called “Astro boots” or “those big red boots.”

Astro Boy is the main character of a very popular Japanese series. Osamu Tezuka wrote and drew the first manga series, which started in 1951.

Since then, the character has been in three anime series and several movies. Astro Boy, a CGI movie that came out in 2009, showed what the character has to offer.

In several versions, the character is a young robot boy that was made by a doctor to replace his dead son. Astro has super-strength, super-intelligence, and built-in weapons to match. He uses these abilities to help others and save the world.

Astro has a unique costume, and his jet-powered boots are the most noticeable part. He can fly and fly through the clouds because of the shoes.

MSCHF’s latest shoe project is based on the big red boots.

MSCHF’s big red boots are a life-size, wearable model of the character’s shoes. They are made of red EVA foam and are almost an exact copy. The height of the boots is about mid-calf, and they don’t have the usual MSCHF branding.

Twitter Fans on Astro Boy Boots Mschf

Steve Natto, a sneaker influencer on Twitter, was given the chance to wear the boots. Natto loves the latest shoe from MSCHF. On the site, he talks about his strange but enthusiastic experiences with shoes.

The shoes came in a really big red box. This made Natto think about how big the shoes were and say, “They’re bigger than my head!”

The big red boots of MSCHF have also been seen on Instagram.

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