Assassin’s Creed Unity Hot Chocolate to Die For Murder Mystery

by Ami Dalsania

Hot Chocolate to Die For is a side mission in AC: Unity’s Marais district that has to do with a murder mystery. After you look into the body in the middle of a small garden, you can start the Mystery.

This mission is about 3/5 hard. The main reward is a Heavy Hilted One-Handed Sword. If you find all of the clues, you also get 500 Livre.

You can also spend 500 creed points to increase the sword’s damage by 25%. This costs 500 creed points.

The description of this sword in the game says that the handguard gives the user more protection, letting them take more risks in battle.

Assassin’s Creed Unity Hot Chocolate to Die For Murder Mystery

Garden – Clues (5/5)

You can find all five clues near the dead body. In this murder mystery, there is a pattern that shows up in all of the clues. All of the clues are close to one another.

GARDEN – The body of a woman
GARDEN – Cup on its side
GARDEN – Statement of Amelie Monvoisin GARDEN – Flower garden

Kitchen – Clues (3/3)

Go inside the house close by. The kitchen is on the first floor. There are three clues near each other.

KITCHEN – Kitchen supplies
KITCHEN – What the Maid Has to Say

Clues: Dining Room (5/5)

From the garden, you can climb up to the second floor, which is above the kitchen, and go straight into the dining room. You can find three clues on a long table, and you can get two statements from two people nearby.

DINING ROOM – Silver pot
DINING ROOM – Snuffbox
DINING ROOM – Pierre’s Statement DINING ROOM – Letter to Pierre
DINING ROOM – Statement of Georges Villiers-Segonac

Look at: Clues (4/4)

The Study area is on the same floor as the dining room, but on the other side of the house.

STUDY – Letter in a ball
BOOK TO STUDY: Paris Society
CHECK OUT – Commonplace book
STUDY – Documents

Terrace – (1/1)

The building’s terrace is on the top floor. Only one person is left to talk to for the last piece of information.

TERRACE – What Lucille Tuchet Said

Who killed the person?

People say that suspects are usually close to the scene of a crime, and that’s true in this murder mystery as well. Go back to the garden and accuse Amelie Montvoisin, who is the only person there, to get your full rewards.

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