Ark Fjordur Deinonychus Locations, Eggs and Nest: Guide

by Anchal Thakur

Here is the complete details of Ark Fjordur Deinonychus Egg and Nest Locations. The sheer number of different kinds of beasts in Ark is mind-boggling, and each of these beasts has its own habitat, in which it builds nests and lays eggs in order to reproduce.

Eggs aren’t exactly easy to come by in the game, despite the fact that every single beast in it lays them. The locations of the nests and eggs of the Deinonychus that can be found in Ark Fjordur will be provided to you by this guide.

Ark Fjordur Deinonychus Egg and Nest Locations

Deinonychus is a dinosaur that looks like a raptor. Its nests are always close to three or four other nests. Each nest can hold about six eggs, so even if you only find one spot, you will have enough.

You can find Deinonychus nests at the following coordinates:

  • 45.9° Latitude, 67.0° Longitude
  • 45.2° Latitude, 71.8° Longitude
  • 51.2° Latitude, 69.5° Longitude
  • 56.9° Latitude, 74.4° Longitude

Parents almost always keep an eye on their nests, so if you want to steal Deinonychus eggs, you should be ready to fight. After the parents have been killed, you can take the eggs. Put them in your inventory and bring them back to your base to be used or hatched.

How to Tame Deinonychus

One of the only ways to get a Deinonychus is to raise it from an egg. The egg needs to be incubated at temperatures between 174° and 196° Fahrenheit for it to hatch.

Once your Deinonychus has hatched, it doesn’t need a special diet to grow. Any simple diet for carnivores will do to feed your new Deinonychus. If you get more than one Deinonychus, you can breed them to get more eggs and even get mutations to get more Deinonychus with higher and better stats.


Where can I find a Deinonychus nest?

You can find Deinonychus nests all over the White Cliffs in the bottom right corner of the map. They are usually near wild Deinonychus, which will attack you as soon as you take an egg.

What maps have Deinonychus on in Ark?

The only way to tame a Deinonychus is to raise it from an egg. It is only on the map of Valguero.

How many deinonychus nests are there?

Most places have two or three nests. You can see a picture of a nest below. I’ve been able to steal a lot of eggs without much trouble. If there is a flyer nearby, it’s best to use it to lead them off the cliff.