Are There Train Strikes Tomorrow Saturday, December 17th

by Narendra

Are There Train Strikes Tomorrow Saturday, December 17th : People trying to get home for the holidays are especially affected by train strikes in the UK. Are there any strikes planned for Saturday, December 17th?

The government and rail companies are in a fight with rail workers over pay, job cuts, and working conditions. Not only are rail workers on strike this month, but nurses and Royal Mail workers are also walking off the job in large numbers. Check below to see if your trip will be affected on December 17th.

Are There Train Strikes Tomorrow Saturday, December 17th

Yes, there will be train strikes on December 17. The National Union of Rail, Maritime, and Transport Workers (RMT) is organising the strikes, which will last for 48 hours, from Friday, December 16th to Saturday, December 17th.

“This is likely to affect most train companies in Britain,” the National Rail website says. The rail industry is working hard to keep this from having too much of an effect on services, but there is no way around the fact that some services will have to be cancelled or severely messed up.

On these days, it is likely that there will be a very limited service, with the possibility that there will be no trains at all on some routes.

As technicians struggle to return to normal after the end of the strike action, services may also begin later on Sunday, December 18th.

Train Strikes Tomorrow Saturday, December 17th

The majority of train companies in the UK will be affected by strikes this coming Saturday, December 17th. Customers of train companies are being advised to avoid travelling by train and to only travel if it is completely necessary to do so.

Nevertheless, there are still trains operating between approximately 7:30 in the morning and 6:30 in the evening. It is imperative that you check the status of your route before you travel in case it is one of the ones that is scheduled to operate with a reduced service.

Timetables can be accessed through the respective websites of the various train companies.

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