Are Liquor Stores Open on Christmas in New York 2022

by Anchal Thakur

Are Liquor Stores Open on Christmas in New York 2022: Whether or not you can go to a liquor store on Christmas Day, 2022, depends on the laws in your state. On the holiday, some liquor stores won’t be open. Today, liquor stores will be open in other states. Read on to find out more.

On Christmas, a Glass of wine is a great way to catch up with friends and family.

If you need to add a bottle of champagne to your shopping list, make sure to plan ahead because some liquor stores will be closed.

There can be a lot going on in the days before Christmas. Just when you think you’re done shopping for food and getting it ready, you’ll realize you’re missing a key ingredient.

And sometimes you realize you forgot to get the flavours for your Christmas cocktail, stock the bar, or pick up a bottle of Christmas eve wine for the main meal.

Are Liquor Stores Open on Christmas Eve in New York?

In general, if the state is in charge of selling alcohol, those stores might be closed for Christmas, unless it says otherwise below.

If a state’s stores are privately owned and not run by the government, they are more likely to be open, and it is up to the owner to decide if they will be open today or not (unless local laws interfere.)

Are Liquor Stores Open on Christmas 2022?

Your best bet is to call your local liquor store and ask if they are open today. Many of the details below come from Legal Beer, VinePair, or Wikipedia’s page on alcohol laws, which has a lot of information.

Here is a list of the rules that each state has about drinking alcohol on Christmas. You should still call your local store because the pandemic could change how things work today and some places are closing early on Christmas Eve, even if they are open.

Don’t wait until Christmas to go shopping for alcohol. Instead, do it before so you can have a bottle of beer with your turkey. You should still check with each store because their hours may change depending on who owns them.

You can also get the most up-to-date information from your state’s alcohol control board.