Apple Watch Shows Random High Heart Rate Spikes

by Sourabh

Several apple watch users have been reporting that their apple watch shows random high heart rate spikes. There are several reasons behind this issue, for instance, you wear an apple watch loose or you’re using watch in dusty area, and like that several possibilities are there that your health app on iPhone is showing wrong heart rate data.

No worry, here we have lined up some of the working solutions that you can consider to fix the apple watch’s wrong heart rate data and spikes problem. So no further ado let’s begin.

How to see heart rate spikes complete data

Before going to the solutions let me tell you how you can correctly check your heart rate spikes data on your iPhone.

Step: 1 Firstly open your health app on your iPhone.

Step: 2 Now select the browser tab and go to the heart option from heart categories.

Step: 3 Now click on the heart rate and scroll down and click on show all data.

That’s now here you have all the heart data that you can see.

Wrong Apple watch heart rate spikes and drops

Check out these solutions to solve random heart rate spikes and drops on your apple watches.

1. Turn On Calibration & Distance

If all the required feature to make the apple watch works well for you is not turned on then odds are high apple watch start acting up. So here first check location, calibration, and distance turn on or not. Follow the below steps:

Step: 1 Go to the settings of your connected iPhone >> Privacy >> Location service to check is it enable or not.

Step: 2 Now scroll down and go to the system services and look for the motion calibration and distance option. Make sure this option is turned on.

That’s it

2. Reset Fitness Calibration Data

Sometimes due to bugs, the calibration data occur the problem of heart rate spikes on apple watch for that, you can reset the fitness calibration data to ensure this running well. To do follow below steps:

Step: 1 Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

Step: 2 Now go to My watch >> Privacy >> Scroll down >> Reset Fitness Calibration Data.

That’s it.

3. Turn On & Off Heart Rate

Try turn on and off heart rate this simple way helps many to solve heart rate random spike issues. To do follow below steps:

Step: 1 On your connected iPhone with an apple watch go to the apple watch app.

Step: 2 Now click on my watch and select privacy option.

Step: 3 Now there is heart rate option turn on and off it.

Step: 4 Restart the iPhone and Apple watch to see changes.

4. Check Update

Are your iPhone and Apple Watch is up to date? If not then here I’d recommend you to update your device right now. To Update go to the settings >> General >> software update and check is there any recent iPhone and watch update if yes and hit ok and update it.

5. Watch position

If you’re one who wears an apple watch very loose on your wrist then this might be also problem of inaccurate heart rate data that shows in your iPhone. The censors of apple watch does not work properly if you are not wearing it properly. So wear it properly check is issue solved or not.

6. Contact Apple Store

If none of the above solutions work for you then I’d recommend you to visit the nearby apple store to tell your apple watch problem. There are high chances that there is hardware issue in your apple watch.

Apple watch inaccurate heart rate spikes: FAQs

How accurate is Apple Watch AFib?

The watch accurately predicted AFib 84% of the time, although this data, not a 100% but it’s pretty useful in some cases.

Is Apple Watch blood oxygen accurate?

Not every time apple watch gets blood oxygen data accurate there is 80% accuracy but still 20% might have chances that apple watch is inaccurate.

Why does my heart rate randomly spike?

In case you are running or in gym there are high chances that heart rate randomly spikes. If you are standing and your apple watches randomly spike your heart rate then there might be a problem with your watch. Above we have listed some solutions that you can consider.

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