Annie Donovan Baby Vape Video: Viral

by Narendra

Annie Donovan Baby Vape Video: A Facebook video of a woman named Annie Donovan giving her 11-month-old child a vape has gone viral and made people very angry. The event took place in Australia, and when it was shared on social media, it spread like wildfire.

In the video, the baby’s aunt seems to force him to smoke by putting the vape device in the baby’s mouth. The baby can be seen and heard coughing and struggling to breathe while the woman and a teen, who is said to be the baby’s mother, laugh at the situation.
The event has led to calls for a quick police investigation and strict laws against abusing children. It has also led to a heated discussion about what happens when people vape and a review of the rules that are already in place.

So, if you’re still wondering what the problems are with vaping, especially for kids, this article might help.

Annie Donovan Baby Vape Video

In the now-famous video, Donovan can be seen putting a vape device or “pen” to the baby’s mouth while laughing and saying “that’s so funny.”

It’s been said that the child’s aunt is the one who gives the device to the child, while the child’s mother is in the background. The baby could be seen coughing and gasping for air while curls of smoke came out of his nose.

The woman’s Twitter page says that she is a senior advisor for The Rise Fund and was the CEO of the Coop Foundation in the past. In addition, the account says that she used to be the director of the Citi Foundation.

The video of Donovan making an infant vape has gotten a lot of people upset online. One person called Donovan a “disgusting wild animal,” while others were shocked and worried about the child’s safety.

Many people have asked for Donovan to be charged with abuse and held responsible for what she has done.

One of the first news stations to cover the story was 7 News Sydney, which also talked to experts about the risks of vaping. Later, the channel told its viewers that the baby had been taken to the hospital and was doing fine there.