Best Musician Apps For Android [New]

by Narendra

Walk band, Band lab, and more. Here are the best musician apps for android you should try.

No doubt, musicians need lots of hard work and practice to make a perfect music style with their instruments, but carrying & practicing with the musical instrument all the time, not an easy task, To solve the problem you can take help some of the best musician apps for android through which you can easily do practice whenever you want without carrying instruments all the time. But with the lots of unusual musician apps is available it’s quite difficult to use, for that here in this article, I picked out the best musician apps for android that help you to create awesome music.

1. Walk Band

If you are looking for the best musician app for android, that has multi-instruments with several multitrack mixtures then walk band is best for you, using this free musician app you will be able to do various tasks and make music, you can also call walk band as an all in one musician app where you will play various musical instrument that you want like keyboard guitar, drum kit, guitar and many more. The best thing I like about walk band is its sound quality, through which you will be able to find a great musical style and play for practicing without any instrument.

Walk Band: Multi-Instruments musician app for android


  • Contains various instruments to play and multitrack mixer.
  • The instrument’s sound quality is excellent.
  • Simple and fast working musical instrument to use.
  • Having a lot of features while playing with the instrument.


  • Not having all types of musical instruments.
  • Contains Ads.

Downloads: 50M+

Install: Walk Band (Free, App In Purchase)

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2. Band Lab

Band Lab is one of the popular best musician app for android, when it comes to creating and recording music, using the band lab you will be able to do multiple tasks, such as create your music style of band with your voice record that makes the free music studio with using single android app.

The best part I like about band lab is here it gives you the option of sharing your created music on its platform to showcase your skill, The app has such a professional feature to make your song fantastic some of the features are like Track mix editor, Remix tracks, FX presets and much more you should have to try band lab if you want to create an excellent song.

 Band Lab: Popular musician app for android


  • Create your music style with lots of beats.
  • A great platform for free to make awesome music for your song.
  • Having lots of great features you can use to create your music style.
  • Contains many instruments to play tracks.


  • It contains a slow update for a new feature.
  • Sometimes glitches found.

Downloads: 5M+

Install: Band Lab (Free, App In Purchase)

3. Groove Pad

Here is another best app for musicians to give the song an extra star of quality by using different tracks of music beats then you should have to try groove pad, using the app you can easily make your music style with a mixture of different beats and tracks that gives your song playable in your style, Groove pad carries lots of features that make it different and help you to create your music unique like groove pad amazing FX effects makes your music professional.

Groove Pad: New musician app for android


  • Make music with lots of FX effects.
  • It contains lots of sound options to choose for your song.
  • Having the option of sharing your musical song.
  • Contains lots of genre-style music to choose from.


  • You have to pay to use their features.
  • Contains ads.

Downloads: 5M+

Install: Groovepad (Free, App In Purchase)

4. Bandpass

Here is another good app for musicians to create music in various tones, if you looking to create and mix other music styles into a new unique style then you should have to use bandpass, Bandpass app will give you a flawless experience to make music for your song, it contains lots of great features that help you to enhance your music. The app is early access on play store to use, you should give it a try to make good music for yourself.

Bandpass: Advanced musician app for android


  • Having great user experience while using.
  • Create music in a simple way.
  • Scaled instruments to create real tone.


  • It’s in early access to play store.
  • Not Contains all feature to use.

Downloads: 1M+

Install: Bandpass (Free, App In Purchase)

5. Music Maker Jam

Here is must-have best app for musicians, and for one who really interested to play with a different mixture of music styles, using the music maker jam you will really be able to create an awesome remix music style by adding different beats, quality loops, and make a unique track base for your song.

The app comes with various unique features to make the music on another level some feature that I like the most is here you can choose 300+ mix pack music tons beats, compose and record 8 channel mixer with quality loops, if you want perfect pack of music composer in android app then you should have to use music maker jam.

Music Maker Jam: Featureful android app for musician


  • Having lots of beats and musical styles to create music.
  • Record your vocal in various styles with real-time effects.
  • Create music with a mixture of instruments and equalizers.


  • Not all music styles are free of cost.
  • Contains Ads.

Downloads: 10M+

Install: Music Maker JAM (Free, App In Purchase)

6. Drum Pad Machine

Here is another great app to create music in your style with the help of popular beats and mix to make a DJ style in a very simple way to do, Here in drum pad machine beat maker with that you will be able to use different styles of music like Trap, Dubstep, EDM, House and many more while using the app. Drum Pad Machine is a small musical system, where you can create and record your music in a professional way with lots of great tracks.

Drum Pad Machine: Most loving musician app for android


  • Create awesome music style on the device.
  • Contains lots of tracks and beat to make music in a very easy way.
  • You have the option to share your created music.


  • Contains Ads that disturb to create of music.
  • Not much beat is available to play.

Downloads: 50M+

Install: Drum Pad (Free, App In Purchase)

7. Edjing Mix

Are you a fan of DJ then edjing mix app is for you, using this app you can create some awesome DJ style music with different tracks kinds of music, the app is perfectly made for DJ lovers and musicians who want new DJ styles, Here with this app, you will be able to access remix of 50+ million tracks, Plus it has lots of features that professional DJ use to create their music, Make your personal best music with equalizer and effects you should have to try the app once.

 Edjing Mix: Best DJ music app


  • Simple to create your style music for work.
  • Having lots of great tools to use.
  • Best options give in the free version.


  • Contains Ads.
  • Looping features and other features are not free of cost.

Downloads: 50M+

Install: Edjing Mix (Free, App In Purchase)

8. Remix live

Here is another remix track maker musician app through which you can easily able to make awesome remix music tracks, The app has simple and excellent user interface with lots of options to use tracks and drums, you can too edit and import your song to create an extra version of that, The best feature I like to use in remix live is its FXs and controls of a mix up and down to create a unique pattern of music, really It’s a great app you can use.

Remix live: Musician app for ultimate remix track


  • Great user experience to create remix music.
  • Lots of tracks and drums you can play.
  • Mixing of music is perfect.


  • The app is not free for all features.
  • Pay to use remix or import song.

Downloads: 5M+

Install: Remixlive (Free, App In Purchase)

9. Chromatic Guitar Tuner

If you are guitaristic then you know the value of chromatic guitar tuner through which you can tune your guitar at certain level, It gives you high precision level to work best and helps you to give great music tons that you want, The app also has an automatic mode, chromatic tuner mode, turning presets and many more to give advanced features in free app.

Chromatic Guitar Tuner


  • The app is easy to use.
  • Works perfectly and gives accurate tunning.
  • Gives you great user experience.


  • It gives useless notification that disturb
  • Bass having problem.

Downloads: 10M+

Install: Chromatic Guitar Tuner (Free, App in Purchase)

Questions You Might Have

Q.1 What do musicians use for music?

Ans: Well, there are several instruments that musicians use to produce & record music such as a good laptop, digital audio station, microphone, XLR mic, mic stand, filter, and more.

Q.2 Which one is the best musician app to use?

Ans: Above were the best list of the music-making app but, here if you ask me to choose one then I’d recommend you to use Walk Band, which supports multi-instrument and produce better quality.

Wrapping Up: Best Android Apps For Musicians

Musical instruments are very necessary to make a perfect mixture of music and practicing to make your work on the advanced level, above were the best android apps for musicians through which you can easily do practice and make your awesome music work carry one, I personally recommend to use you is walk band which caters several amazing features, UI, and instruments.

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