American horror stories dollhouse cast

by Sourabh

American horror stories dollhouse cast: The second season of American Horror Stories is full of scary and mysterious stories.

The anthology series starts a new story every week, with a different cast playing different characters. This is similar to how the original series American Horror Story starts a new season every year.

Here’s what you need to know about the first episode of Season 2.

American horror stories dollhouse cast

“Dollhouse” is the first episode of Season 2 of American Horror Stories. It is about a bad guy named Spalding who is looking for young women to put in his Dollhouse.

Spalding is played by American Horror Story star Denis O’Hare in this episode, which was written by Manny Coto and directed by Loni Peristere.

Spalding is a crazy doll collector who wants to find the “perfect” wife and mother for his son, who is played by Houston Towe. He killed his first wife Ellen (Genevieve Aitken) because she cheated on him, so now he wants to find the “perfect” wife and mother for his son.

In a clip from the episode shown in the season’s teaser trailer, Spalding tells one woman that he’s been kidnapped: “This is my own little house for dolls. Young lady, there’s only one way out of here, and it’s not through any of the windows or doors.”

O’Hare will be joined by a number of other actors, like Kristine Froseth, who plays Coby, the woman who tries to escape in the trailer.

Abby Corrigan, Maryssa Menendez, and Emily Morales-Cabrera are also in the cast. Kenia Arias, and Simone Recasner, who all play women who Spalding has taken hostage. They have never been in an American Horror Story before.

Matt Lasky, who plays Spalding’s assistant, and Houston Towe, who plays Spalding’s son, whose middle name is also Spalding, also appear in the episode. It’s not a coincidence, because it helps connect the episode to Season 3 of American Horror Story, which is called “Coven.”

Cosima Cabrera is playing a young witch, Simon Potter is playing Ellen’s boyfriend, and Ellie Grace Pomeroy is playing a young version of the character Frances Conroy played in AHS: Coven, Myrtle Snow.

In Season 1 of American Horror Stories, the spin-first off’s two episodes, called “Rubber (wo)Man Part 1 and 2,” added to AHS lore. These episodes were set in the haunted mansion where the first season of the original show, “Murder House,” took place.

Later in the spin-season, off’s the location was used again in the episode “Game Over.” This was when Dr. Ben Harmon, played by Dylan McDermott, came back to haunt the house where he died.

“Dollhouse,” on the other hand, has a link to the original show through O’Hare, who played a character in Season 3 of the original show.