Alternatives of google assistant

by Narendra

In almost all smartphone have google assistant option with voice command for better searching and do our work fast and easy way by just speaking. But in our generation, there is a lot much better alternative of google assistant are there that provide us with a better option to choose from these for the better fast searching experience.

In this article, there is some best alternative of google assistant that will help much better if you are bored with the same interface.

1. Siri : –

First alternative of google assistant is from apple it is an intelligent and faster to give a personal experience. Here is some devices in which Siri works iPhone, Apple iPad family, Apple T.V, Apple Watch, Home Pod. These all are apple product.

2. Cortana : –

Cortana is another alternative which is mainly used in Window PC. Its work as a personal assistant which will help us to make our work more easier and frequent.

3. Amazon Alexa : –

Alexa which is in a trend where you can ask for things like alexa play music, alexa what’s the weather alexa, set timer and much more work will be done this product launched by Amazon. Alexa is totally controlled by our voice command whenever we say, Alexa.

4. Bixby : –

Bixby is mostly used in a Samsung mobile phone which have the same function work as a voice assistant which will tell us some interesting and relevant things store our important stuff and work faster.

5. Braina : –

Braina which is work in Microsoft PC which will work little differently from Cortana like Cortana need internet but braina works without internet and it will perfectly work as a personal assistant in all windows systems.

6. Hey Athena : –

Another Alternative of Cortana, google assistant. In Athena different part is voice assistant is written in python. Which gives it a high level of searches and fastening with voice search.

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