All You Need to Know About VPN

by Narendra

Hey, are you searching for the term “VPN” and are you curious to know more about VPN then this article is for you.

In the era of technology, if we have to find something then we directly go to google and search for that term.

But wait !

Do you ever think that your searching data and your device is being traced by someone to misuse your device by knowing your IP address?

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If you don’t know about VPN and you don’t want to be the food of hacker than continue read this article here I will give you all the information of VPN which you must know before using the Internet.

What is an VPN( Virtual Private Network)

VPN which having full abbreviation (Virtual private network), as the name suggests, its an private network which will help you create a secure private network connection between your device and server location through which you can safely send and receive your data over the internet without misleading of unauthorized user in between your data surfing you can call vpn as an encrypted connection software.

How VPN works

VPN is work as the normal network system but there is the difference in which VPN will create they own network by which user can surf the internet on their private encrypted network by which other users don’t know your IP address. whenever you are going to use VPN with software or manual method you are shifting your IP to the private network IP that we called VPN.

In more simple words :

You have a device in which you are using VPN server here you are sending your data to VPN server then VPN server sends your data to the internet by which you will get output.

Between the transferring data between you, VPN and internet, all network is encrypted non of website, people are allowed to know what are you doing.

There is tons of software which provide us to use a VPN service to make you more secure.

Why You Need VPN

Most of the time happened that you have to download a movie and that will not available in your country or it was restricted by your country that time you can use VPN through which it will hide your IP address and make a new IP of other Countries by which the ISP does not trace your IP and you will safely download that file from the internet.

There is lot more Need of VPN

  1. To make your connection more secure from hackers.
  2. To download an illegal file from the internet that was not available in your country.
  3. To make your device more private no one will trace your location with your IP.

How To Use VPN

There are many software and apps (free/ paid) through which you use VPN Here I will recommend you the best VPN Mobile Apps through which you can create a VPN server.

Best VPN Apps For android.

1. Express VPN

Express VPN is the top-notch VPN server which having approx 3000+ servers all over the world it provides the best VPN service with a super high speed as compared to others.

Install: Express VPN

2. VyprVPN

Here is the second best VPN app with given high speed in there network its a paid app which is well optimized and has a clean interface on it. You just have to install the application and automatically VPN will create a server for you.

Install: VyprVPN

Wrap Up :

These above are the VPN main point which every smartphone user should known if they also want to be secure from the thief and snooping world make sure you are going to use VPN software to make your privacy encrypted through the network.

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