All the artifact locations in ARK Survival Fjordur

by Narendra

With the latest ARK Survival expansion, Fjordur, a lot of new items and bosses have been added. When it comes to the different things, there are many different artifacts all over Fjordur. Because the ecosystem is so big and complex, it can take a while to find every Artifact. Don’t worry, here is a list of all the places in ARK Fjordur where you can find artifacts.

All Artifact Locations in ARK Fjordur

There are ten artifacts hidden all over the open world. So, here are all the artifacts’ coordinates and where they are:

Artifact of the Strong

Coordinates: Lat 09.9 – Lon 84.3

This artifact is in the Bear Caverns, which are north of Redwoods. As the name suggests, there are bears over there, so be careful. You might also see some flying insects or spiders.

Artifact of the Hunter

Co-ordinates: Lat 03.3 – Lon 32.6

When you get to the coordinates, this place will be to the northwest of the map. The Artifact of Hunter can be found in the Drenghemir Caves. It can be hard to get in because the entrance is hidden behind a rock. But you can break the rocks to get through. When you go into the Caves, you might see Purlovias and bats.

Artifact of the Clever and Pack

Co-ordinates: Lat 21.2 – Lon 57.4

At this spot in the Molten Caverns, you can find two artifacts. As you go inside, you will see that the floor is covered with molten lava. If you go right, you’ll find the artifact of Pack. If you go left, you’ll find the artifact of Clever. You need to protect yourself from the lava, so make sure to improve your parkour skills.

Artifact of the Immune

Co-ordinates: Lat 90.8 – Lon 78.1

The Mount Doom Caverns are where this artifact can be found. As you move through the cave, you might run into a few bats or scorpions. To get to the Artifact of Immune, all you have to do is go straight.

Artifact of the Brute

Coordinates: Lat 49.4 – Lon 14.3

On a swamp island is where you can find this item. But if you go into the swamp cave, you might need to protect yourself with a gas mask or scuba mask. As you go deeper, you might run into things like scorpions, bugs, spiders, and leeches.

Artifact of the Skylord

Coordinates: Lat 07.7 – Lon 23.5

This artifact is inside a frozen fortress where there are a lot of wild animals. As you move through the fortress, you will find more bears, apes, wolves, and other animals like them. Inside the fortress, it can get very cold, so make sure you have insulation.

Artifact of the Cunning

Co-ordinates: Lat 76.8 – Lon 66.0

Like the name says, you have to be smart and sneaky to get to this place. Swim through the Forgotten Caves by going deeper. You will find a broken ship near the caves as you swim along the path. That means you’re heading in the right direction. As you move along the path, you might run into bats, scorpions, and arthros. At the end of the platform, the Artifact of the Cunning is put on show in a big way.

Artifact of the Devourer

Coordinates: Lat 03.3 – Lon 03.7

Go deeper into the Mariana Caverns to find this item. If you want to go underwater, you might also need a Sea or Aquatic tame. Be careful around the sea creatures because they can stun you and hurt your Health. Some of these animals are jellyfish, eels, and others. To get to the Artifact of Devourer, you have to go through a tunnel that goes straight up.

All of the Artifact locations in ARK Fjordur have been talked about.

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