Alka Lamba’s ruckus, lying on the road against ED’s questioning of Rahul Gandhi; protested against

by Narendra

The questioning of Rahul Gandhi by the ED has made everyone in the Congress party angry. Rahul Gandhi is a former Congress President and an MP. In Delhi, there are protests against the central government led by leaders and activists. Alka Lamba, who is in charge of the Congress, is also protesting.

During this, the police are holding the protest leaders and activists. On Tuesday, when the police came to take her into custody, she laid on the ground and fought back very hard. The police tried over and over to pick her up, but she wouldn’t move.

Police and reporters were all around Alka Lamba. She is upset with the government in Washington. When the police tried to take her away, she was seen fighting with the officers. At the same time, he attacked the central government for its Agneepath plan.

She told me, “We are all unarmed. I’m not crying for myself; I’m crying for the country, for whatever is going on in the country, because the country is crying.”

Has been questioned four times, including on Tuesday.

On Monday, the ED talked to Rahul Gandhi. A senior official from the ED said that the investigation is headed in the right direction. On June 21, Rahul Gandhi has been asked to answer questions for the fifth time. Last week, people were questioned on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. This week, they were questioned again on Monday. That day, the questioning went on for about 12 hours. At the same time, on June 23, ED will also ask Congress President Sonia Gandhi questions about the same case.