Alexa Not Working on Amazon Fire TV

by Sourabh

Alexa, as a product of tech giant Amazon, is one of the most reliable voice command services in the world. However, it still isn’t flawless all the time. Several users have been facing problems Alexa not working on amazon fire tv. And it’s quite a major problem when you are addicted to commanding Alexa on amazon fire tv.

Nevertheless, if you’re facing this issue and wondering why Alexa not working or responding on amazon fire TV then we’re here to help.

Not working Alexa on amazon fire TV is a serious problem but not usually too difficult to solve. Throughout this article, we mention several worked methods to solve Alexa stopping issue on fire tv. So no further ado let’s begin.

1. Check Connection on Fire TV

Starting from the basic solution that you can try is checking the internet connection on the fire tv. Yes, without the perfect internet connectivity on fire tv the Alexa service will not work. Unlike google assistant or Siri. Alexa needs best internet connection. So here I’d recommend you to check your wifi and make sure it is connected with fire tv and have standard internet speed.

2. Reset Voice

Sometimes due to bug the Alexa on amazon fire TV can not validate your old voice and that results Alexa on fire tv not responding. So the simple solution for this if resetting the voice command. Thanks to the dedicated Alexa app you can download and set up the voice id one more time.

Make sure you set up voice id in silent room otherwise again the Alexa will not get your voice properly and start acting up.

3. Command In Right Way

A number of users not commanding Alexa in proper way, I mean first, you have to press Alexa button on your fire tv remote and then speak loud and clear with near of your remote. That way Alexa hears you properly. If your room running tv or have sound then Alexa will not catch your voice properly and that results Alexa not responding on fire tv.

4. Restart Fire TV

If you still getting problems with Alexa then I’d recommend you to turn on and off your amazon fire tv. That result if some internal error or bug-making problem that will automatically solve within few minutes of restarting.

5. Register and Deregister Account

Here is another most worked solution for the issue of Alexa not working on fire tv. Here you have to deregister your account from the fire tv and register once again either with the same amazon account or new one.

To deregister your amazon account you have to follow the below steps carefully.

Step: 1 On the fire tv home screen select settings “gear icon”

Step: 2 Now select the “account and profile settings” option.

Step: 3 Here is your amazon account click on that and deregister from fire tv.

Step:4 Now best thing is using new amazon account if not then sign in with account and check is Alexa working or not on fire tv.

6. Use Alexa Application

Sometimes Alexa button on amazon fire tv remote not working properly and that results Alexa not responding on fire tv. So, here I’d recommend you to change remote or use the mobile app to command Alexa. For that, you have to install android or iOS Alexa app.

Follow these steps to control fire tv Alexa using mobile

Step:1 Install the fire tv app on your android or iPhone from store.

Step: 2 Now connect with your wifi.

Step: 3 Here on fire tv mobile app you’ll get option to change channels and one Alexa icon to give voice commands. Click on that.

Step: 4 Check is your fire tv working with mobile app Alexa icon or not. if it’s working that means remote has some problem.

Alexa not responding on fire tv: FAQs

Why won’t Alexa work on my Firestick remote?

There might be some bug or if you accidentally drop the remote that also cause the issue. To solve you can reset remote by removing batteries and turning off the tv and remote for minutes.

Why is Alexa not responding to my voice?

This error might be happing when Alexa does not properly catch your voice due to several sounds in your room, or there might be internet connectivity problem you have. So check and try again.

How do you sync a fire remote to a TV?

To sync fire remote to a tv you have to go to settings on fire tv and visit the controller and Bluetooth option. Click on amazon fire tv remote. Now just hold the home button for seconds to pair.

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