Alex Murdaugh Drug Addiction Cost?

by Rajitha Reddy

Alex Murdaugh Drug Addiction Cost? The prosecution said that Murdaugh killed his wife and son because his life was going crazy, but they didn’t come up with a clear reason.

He told the court that he was suffering from a crippling opioid addiction and that his financial problems were getting worse. There were also rumors that his marriage was breaking up.

All of these things led to a lot of rumors.

Did Alex kill Maggie because she was going to leave him? If so, would that have shown that he had been doing illegal things with money?

Did he kill Paul because his drunken boating accident, which killed a teen girl, put the family’s finances in danger?

Even though both of these things were brought up in and out of court, prosecutors were not able to figure out exactly when or why he lost it.

Where are the weapons used to kill?

The Murdaugh family had a lot of guns, but none of the ones that were taken away were ruled to be the murder weapons.

Prosecutors said Paul was shot in the head and chest with a shotgun, and Maggie was shot five times with an assault rifle. They said that she was running away at the time of her death and that the fatal shot was a blow to the head, like one used to kill someone.

Neither of the two weapons that were mentioned has ever been found.

Prosecutors said that a lost gun that Alex bought for Paul could be a match, but it was never found. Expert witnesses said that a Blackout shell casing found near Maggie’s body came from the same gun as other shells found on the estate.

When police arrived the night of the murders, Murdaugh was holding a Benelli 12 gauge shotgun. He told them it was to protect himself in case the killers were still nearby.

Greer said that the spent shells found near Paul and the shells that were loaded into that gun were the same “in construction and head stamp information.”

But Greer’s research didn’t show for sure whether the shells were fired by this gun or another one like it.

Why did Buster Murdaugh defend his dad in court?

Buster, Maggie and Alex’s only living son, was always by his father’s side during the six-week trial, which was very hard.

His presence was a big change from when he told that he didn’t want it written “anywhere” that he supported him.

Buster also took the stand to defend his father. He told the jury that the killings “devastated” him.

He didn’t say on the record that he didn’t think his father could kill, but he was very much on his side during the whole trial.

His support remains unexplained.

Where are the “bloody clothes” that Murdaugh wore when the murders took place?

The prosecution told a grand jury that Murdaugh’s shirt had “blood spatter” from the killings.

It was one piece of evidence that led them to charge him. It turned out to be a lie, though.

During the trial, it came out that the white T-shirt Murdaugh was carrying when he was first questioned by police after the murders did not have any blood on it.

A Snapchat video taken earlier that evening by his late son Paul shows him wearing a different set of clothes, but they were never taken or tested for DNA or blood.

Murdaugh told the court that he changed clothes because it was hot that day and he had been working on the property.

Buster Murdaugh also said that his father taking multiple showers a day wasn’t unusual.

Alex Murdaugh Drug Addiction Cost?

Murdaugh is accused of stealing around $14 million from his law firm and taking advantage of people who were weak, like the sons of his late housekeeper Gloria Satterfield.

He told the court that to feed his crippling opioid addiction, he spent up to $60,000 a week on drugs. But even a habit that regular wouldn’t have used up all that money as fast as he says it did.

He is being charged with separate crimes for each one. It is not clear how the conviction for murder will affect that case.

Will Alex Murdaugh try to change his sentence?

During the trial, Murdaugh insisted that he was innocent and vehemently denied that he had killed his wife and son.

Yesterday, in their final arguments, his lawyers said that he had only ever lied about things like where he was because his drug use made him paranoid, but that he had always been honest about his innocence.

During the whole trial, his lawyers have tried to keep evidence about his financial crimes and the fatal boat crash from being used against him. They say that this is a way to hurt his reputation and has nothing to do with the murders.

But the judge went against himself and let the jury hear this evidence.

It’s still not clear if he will try to overturn his conviction for killing two people and keep trying to clear his name.