Aleah Gallant Missing : Latest News Updates

by Anchal Thakur

Aleah Gallant Missing : Latest News Updates :Imagine being 14 years old and suddenly disappearing from your family and friends. That’s what happened to Aleah Gallant. In this article, we’ll talk about Aleah and how you can help find her. We’ll explain everything.

Missing in Seabrook

Aleah Gallant is a 14-year-old girl who lives in Seabrook. But here’s the problem: she’s missing. The police in Seabrook are really worried, and they need your help.

When She Was Last Seen

The last time anyone saw Aleah was on a Saturday morning. You know those early hours when you’re just starting your day? It was between 6:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. She was in a place called Walton Road. Imagine it like a street or a neighborhood.

What She Was Wearing

The police want to find Aleah, so they’re telling everyone what she was wearing. Maybe you’ve seen someone dressed like this.

  • Aleah had black sweatpants. They were special because they had white writing on the leg. It’s like wearing your favorite pants with cool designs.
  • She also had on either a black shirt or a sweatshirt. It’s the kind of clothes we all wear to stay warm and comfy.
  • And guess what? Aleah was carrying two bags—a backpack and a duffle bag. Think of it like when you go to school with your backpack, but she had two of them.

How She Looks

The police want to make sure they find the right person, so they’re telling us what Aleah looks like.

  • She’s pretty tall for a 14-year-old, standing at 5 feet, 9 inches. You can picture that as being about as tall as a basketball hoop.
  • She weighs 130 pounds. Imagine carrying around bags of flour that weigh 5 pounds each. She’s about as heavy as 26 bags of flour.
  • Aleah has blonde hair. You know, like sunshine in your hair.
  • And she has beautiful blue eyes, like the color of the sky on a clear day.
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What You Can Do to Help

Now, here’s the most important part: You can help find Aleah Gallant. The police can’t do it alone; they need everyone in the community to look out for her.

Call the Police: If you’ve seen Aleah or know anything about where she might be, call the Seabrook police. You can reach them at 603-474-5200. It’s like a hotline to the heroes who are trying to find her.

Spread the Word: Tell your friends, family, and anyone you know about Aleah. The more people who know, the better chance we have of bringing her back home safely.


Imagine if Aleah were your friend or family member. You’d want everyone to help find her, right? That’s why we’re sharing this information with you. Together, we can be like real-life superheroes and bring Aleah back to her loved ones. So, if you know anything or have seen someone who looks like Aleah, don’t hesitate—call the Seabrook police and help make a difference in this young girl’s life.

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