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by Ekta

In the vast world of the internet, there’s a place called Reddit, where people share their stories and seek advice. Recently, a post titled “AITA for taking the necklace that belongs to my daughter” has stirred quite a commotion.

This Reddit post has brought to light a complicated family situation involving a father, his teenage daughter, and his second wife, Lisa. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of this dramatic family saga and explore why it has sparked such strong reactions from readers.

AITA For Taking Necklace Players in the Drama

The story begins with the Original Poster (OP), who has a 15-year-old daughter. Tragically, the daughter lost her mother five years ago. Before her passing, the mother gifted her daughter a precious gold necklace.

This necklace wasn’t just any piece of jewelry; it was a symbol of the love between the mother and daughter. The father kept it safe until his daughter turned 15, at which point he decided to give it to her.

However, there was a condition: she could only wear it on special occasions, such as her mother’s birthday or the anniversary of her mother’s passing. This made the necklace a treasured and emotionally significant item.

The plot thickens when the OP remarries and introduces Lisa, his second wife, into the picture. Lisa and the teenage daughter develop a close and positive relationship over time. However, Lisa’s interest in the gold necklace becomes a point of concern.

The Controversy Unfolds

Lisa’s curiosity about the necklace raises eyebrows. The OP, mindful of its sentimental value, explains to Lisa that it’s a special gift from the daughter’s late mother and should be treated with the utmost respect. In essence, he’s telling her not to touch it.

The OP’s trust in Lisa is shattered when he discovers that she’s been wearing the necklace. To make matters worse, Lisa claims that the daughter gave it to her.

The daughter, caught in a difficult position, confesses that Lisa convinced her to lend her mother’s necklace. Lisa apparently told her that she was like her mother and should let her have it. In her innocence, the daughter agreed, thinking it was okay.

Furious at Lisa’s manipulation and betrayal of his daughter, the OP demands that she return the necklace immediately. He decides to safeguard it, locking it away to prevent any further incidents. In his eyes, the necklace holds immense emotional value and should not be taken lightly.

Lisa, however, has a different perspective. She accuses the OP of being overly controlling and implies that he doesn’t trust his own daughter. This reaction further exacerbates the tension within the family.

The Reddit Verdict

Reddit users flooded the post with their opinions and advice. Overwhelmingly, they sided with the OP. Many expressed their disappointment in Lisa’s actions and her attempt to take the necklace, which held profound sentimental value.

Some even suggested that the OP should contemplate divorce due to Lisa’s lack of respect for his daughter and her insensitivity to the necklace’s significance.


This Reddit saga sheds light on the complexities of blended families and the importance of respecting sentimental items with deep emotional significance.

It serves as a stark reminder that family dynamics can be intricate, and the bonds between parents and children should be handled with care and understanding.

In the end, the necklace controversy is a tale of love, betrayal, and the enduring importance of recognizing the emotional value of cherished possessions within a family unit.

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