AITA for changing my mind about kids at 57 : Reddit Viral

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AITA for changing my mind about kids at 57 : Reddit Viral On the vast landscape of Reddit, a post titled “AITA for changing my mind about kids at 57” has ignited a firestorm of emotions and opinions.

The post revolves around a 57-year-old man (OP) who made a life-altering decision to end his 25-year relationship with his 55-year-old girlfriend. The reason? He suddenly wants to have biological children, a choice that has raised eyebrows and drawn sharp criticism from the Reddit community.

AITA for changing my mind about kids at 57 : What Happened ?

The backstory is this: the OP and his girlfriend had shared their lives for a quarter of a century. In their early years together, they grappled with a fundamental disagreement – the question of whether or not to have children.

The OP, driven by his career aspirations, was initially adamant about not having kids. He feared that parenthood might hinder his ambitions and potentially lead to resentment towards his own offspring.

Counseling played a role in temporarily resolving their differences. It provided a space for them to navigate the complexities of their clashing desires. However, life had more in store for this couple.

As the years rolled by, financial struggles entered the picture, causing a shift in priorities. The pursuit of financial stability took precedence over their initial discussions about having children. They adapted to life without the prospect of parenthood, focusing instead on building a stable future.

A Change of Heart

Fast forward to the OP’s late 50s, and something shifted within him. He found himself yearning for something he had long put aside: the desire to have biological children. However, there was a significant and heartbreaking obstacle in his path.

His girlfriend had already gone through menopause, rendering the possibility of having biological children with her virtually impossible. The realization prompted a heated and emotionally charged argument between the couple. In the midst of this turmoil, the OP made a difficult decision – he asked his girlfriend to move out of their shared vacation home.

Reddit’s Overwhelming Response

The post, along with the OP’s actions, came under intense scrutiny from the Reddit community. Overwhelmingly, users expressed their disapproval and condemnation.

Many Redditors believed that the OP was in the wrong for his late-in-life change of heart regarding children. They argued that after 25 years of commitment, he should not have expected his partner to adapt to his newfound desire for biological children. Some even went so far as to label him “selfish” for making such a significant life decision at this stage.

A common sentiment expressed by Reddit users was that the OP had effectively wasted his girlfriend’s time by changing the rules of their relationship so drastically after decades together. They felt that he should have communicated his evolving feelings earlier, rather than springing this life-altering decision on her at a point when starting a family was no longer an option.


The Reddit community’s response to the post titled “AITA for changing my mind about kids at 57” is a resounding chorus of disapproval. The overwhelming consensus is that the boyfriend’s late-in-life change of heart regarding children was unfair and insensitive to his long-term partner.

They view his actions as a betrayal of trust and an example of how communication and honesty in relationships are paramount.

The post serves as a stark reminder of the complexities and challenges that can arise in long-term relationships. It highlights the importance of open and honest communication and the need to consider the consequences of major life decisions on both partners.

As the Reddit community continues to dissect this emotionally charged situation, it serves as a valuable lesson for all about the significance of respecting and understanding the desires and needs of our partners in the ever-evolving journey of love and companionship.

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