Best AirPods Max ear cushions combinations: New

by Narendra

If you have been looking for AirPods Max ear cushions combinations then odds are high either the one wear or you want to save the original one. Right?

No doubt, Airpods Max is expensive & you wouldn’t want to throw it because of ear cushions are fully consumed. Thankfully on the market, there is plethora of AirPods max ear cushions replacements are available, although that does not give performance as the original one but not less than that. So yeah here we have lined up some of the best AirPods max ear cushion replacements that you can consider buying to give life to your AirPods max again.

Best AirPods Max ear cushions combinations (2022)

1. Damex Replacement Earpads For Apple Airpods Max

Starting from the top, here we have the Ear cushion from Damex. One of the main highlights that makes it pretty good is the quality of ear pads. This is made of with thick & comfortable material which can easily provide smooth & comfort at ear part.

What’s more, the quality of magnet is almost equal to original apple ear cushions, one of our team member has praised for its attachment.

Aside from that, here damex ear cushion comes in two standard colors black and white.

2. Earrock Earpads for AirPods Max Headphones

Another very well-made ear cushion for AirPods max that you can consider buying. The one from Earrock is made of with protein leather where the company promises to deliver ultimate comfort while wearing it for long.

Quality-wise it’s top-notch just like AirPods max earpads it max canceled the external noise. Moreover, the installation is pretty simple thanks to quality magnetic attachment.

The good thing is on amazon several users have been praising for its quality. More importantly, here you can also choose various colors of ear cushions like green, red, white, blue, and black. Pretty good right?

Overall, if you want an affordable plus breathable ear cushion then one from Earrock is good choice you can try.

3. CONVELIFE AirPods Max ear cushions combinations

Next up, we have the convelife ear cushions the one is almost similar as above counterpart in design but what makes it different is the one is newest upgraded launch where company added ultra-soft ear pads foam that feels so comfortable while wearing.

Being the latest AirPods max ear cushion replacement here you’ll get 5 unique colors options to the table like pink, blue, black, green, and silver.

Other than that, the only downside is the price of ear cushion which is little bit more than the above ones.

4. LHOOVMEE Air Pods Max Ear Cushions

Here is another best AirPods Max ear cushions combinations that comes with soft memory foam with mesh cloth, The one is perfectly compatible with airpod max & supports better sound quality by lowering the outside noises.

Thanks to good quality memory foam material that allows you to wear it for long hours without producing heat. Here it made of with breathable material which feels comfy.

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The quality again justifies the price point, you can clean, wash and attach again same as AirPods max ear cushions.

In budget price Lhoovmeee is another good replacement that you can consider buying.

5. Geekria Silicone Earpad Covers

If you want to protect your AirPods max earpads from dust, scratch, or wear, tear then let me introduce you to Geekria the one silicon-made earpad cover which provides your ear cushion extra protection while you are not using them, or while traveling some destination. Cool enough right?

These are simple ear cushion cover that is compatible with your airpod max original one or alternative earpads. Moreover, for daily you can fit above the earpad and hear you go. Although it feels thick while wearing but at the end of the day it will save your Airpod max earpads from wear and tear.

Top AirPods Max ear cushions combinations

These were some of the good replacement options for your Airpod max ear cushions that you can consider buying. The above earpad comes with a slight difference in quality & magnetic attachment. So no worry you can pick anyone. The good thing is some deliver colors option. Lastly, pick the best and enjoy your AirPods max till death.

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