20 Top Most Popular Airline Logos In the World

by Narendra

Before designing the airline logos there are always some reasons or mystery which really interesting, Every Airline logos in the world have their unique designs with some hidden facts that you should know about, For that here in this article we have compiled the top most popular airline logos of the world that surely make your airline journey much more interesting.

So no further ado let’s get started.

singapore airline logo

Here is the most famous Singapore airline logo having a beautiful yellow bird that describes the word ” First to Fly” that truly deserves the word after becoming the number 1 airline in the world. More interesting is the yellow color logo which represents the joy and loyalist of the passengers and gives them best comfort as they want.

qatar logo

Next up we have got another famous Qatar airline logo, it represents world the national animal named as oryx an antelope, which shows horns in the brown background color with beautifully crafted graphics lines, the airline name is well written in English and Arabic which shows its nationality in Arabic its written القطرية‎, al-Qaṭariya on its airlines.

ana logo

Here is the Japanese airline company, which is again a popular airline logo has well written ANA as a logo its mean as “Inspiration of Japan” to there passengers and represent the country as true and loyal, Although this is a simple logo but means a lot to the world. ANA airline was founded 66 yr ago that about 1952, it’s a very old and largest revenue airline in Japan.

emirates airline logo

Dubai based airline has a beautiful logo, a red background with white text on it which describe the elegance and confidence of airlines, where it is written emirates in Arabic calligraphy style and English which represents the emirates Dubai, for sake of knowledge the logo is well designed by British firm Negus & Negus.

lufthansa airline logo

Here is the German airline (Lufthansa Airlines) which has the logo of Crane flies an eagle which is encyclical with yellow background and bluebird, that looks amazing which was created in 1918 by otto Firle its a 100 yr old logo now changes the color of eagle from yellow to blue, the eagle represents the speed and strong belief. That’s the reason which makes it into the popular airline logo list.

thai logo

Thai Airways does not have a bird airline logo, or any regional text written, here is something unique design which is a classical Thai dancing logo that is crafted with beautiful colors mixture of blue, yellow, and pink that looks ultra-stylish with Thai written in English. With its uniqueness & thai dancing culture, this logo again wins the heart of peoples & make it one of the famous airline logo.

air india airlinelogo

Air India is an airline of India which has a logo of swan bird with the most famous Konark temple chakra design on it, in the orange color to represent prosperity and peace of country it looks really beautiful with swan wing on chakra.


In the world airline logos, here Etihad has their own respect with their luxury airline, which has the logo written in Arabic and English with a golden background, after emirates its a second-largest airline in UAE which has the almost same design of logo it just changes the name and color which is in golden, to represent look luxury.

swiss airline logo

Here is the Switzerland airline (SWISS) which has the logo of Switzerland flag with text written swiss normally called the swiss, it’s also a stylish logo created by swiss airlines, the logo changes much time in the 20s by its words and flags, and later on new logo introduced of swiss.

airfrance logo

Air France logo is very popular as their airline, the air France logo has winged sea horsed which in the color of blue and white, but now onwards it’s changing air France airline decides to take a simple text written air France with a blue and white line that indicating fly.

qantas logo

As an Australian airline (Qantas) its logo is also based on the country national animal (kangaroo) but here in this logo, it’s a flying kangaroo having a red color background which shows its uniqueness with flying animals. The logo was introduced in 2007 for the welcome of Boeing Dreamliner, its show the fleet of airline.

iran logo

Iran air is one of the most famous logos, Iran airline logo is based on the eagle (Persian griffin) which has a unique and least visible eagle, Persian griffin is the mixture of lion and eagle, Iran air made their logo with the griffin.

turkish logo

Turkish airline logo represents the national bird (Turkey) its a flying turkey that shows you in white with having red background its looks very different, It shows on the fleet of the airline.

egyptair airline logo

Egypt air new logo was introduced in 2008, which is an Egyptian methodology named Horus (Man of falcons) that means in company slogan “enjoy the sky” that represents the unity of Egypt. Quite interesting isn’t it?

gulf airline logo

Here is another amazing logo of gulf air which is a Bahrain airline the logo has a falcon bird in the royal golden color, the logo represents courage, freedom, preserving, and gives the luxury to passengers that make the gulf air.

oman airline logo

Oman air logo is another popular airline logo where it represents modern visions, the logo has curved strip which is painted by green and silver and written the name of Oman air in Arabic and English which show the airline country.

mai logo

Myanmar airways has the beautiful stylish “horse elephant” in blue color as the logo which represents the modern comfort and their traditional it is newly introduced in 1946 from that it’s having little changes as the new brand.

air canada logo

Air Canada airline has the logo based on their country flag which is a Canadian flag (Red Maple leaf) in the circle it symbolize the hope, neutrality, peace of the nation, The company air Canada has the slogan “Fly the flag” which shows the unity and peace of the nation.

air china airline logo

China airline has the beautiful logo of artistic phoenix pattern in the deep red color which indicates the happiness, festive and based on the Chinese culture, In below the logo, there is a name written of the airline with Chineses calligraphy by there nation leader Deng Xiaoping.

aeroflot airline logo

It a Russian airline named as Aeroflot ( Аэрофлот ), The logo of the airline is really unique and interesting to know which is “Winged Hammer and Sickle” which indicates the citizen to buy stocks in Dobrolet it’s in the blue color which represents the true and peaceful nation.

Wrapping Up: Most Famous Airline Logos In The World

These were the most famous and unique design logos of airlines which contains various different reasons to make those airline logos, which airline logo do you think is the most creative and has unique mystery behind them comment below to share with us.

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