Agastya Chauhan Death Video Photo : Latest News

by Anchal Thakur

Agastya Chauhan Death Video Photo: We are sad to say that a popular YouTuber from Uttarakhand died in a terrible accident. The name “Pro Rider 1000” on YouTube was a well-known name for the person who died.

Yes, you did hear right. Pro Rider 1000 is no longer alive. Since the news of Pro Rider 1000’s death got out on the internet, a wave of sadness swept through and made people sad. What happened to Pro Rider 1000, or how did Pro Rider 1000 pass away?

Fans and people who liked him have no choice but to ask a lot of questions about his death. Do you know what the real name of Pro Rider 1000 was?

Agastya Chauhan Death Video Photo

There have been a lot of questions on social media. We did, however, write a column to answer all the important questions about it. If you’re looking for the same kinds of articles, this column will be a big help.

So don’t lose this page. Look further down the page.

Before we talk about Pro Rider 1000’s death and the accident that caused it, let’s look at who he was and what he did. As was already said, the YouTuber lived in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

He also had a YouTube channel with 1.2 million subscribers, which was a big deal. He reportedly posted a video asking his friends and followers to meet him in New Delhi. This happened 16 hours before the news of his accident broke.

He became well-known on the internet because he made videos of himself riding his bike. But Pro Rider 1000 always put safety first by putting warnings in the video. He always told his fans not to drive too fast. Read more by scrolling down the page.

Reports say that during a motorbike race on the Yamuna Expressway near the Tappal Police Station, Pro Rider 1000 was in an accident that killed someone.

Sources have confirmed that YouTuber Pro Rider 1000 was going 300 km/h on the highway on his ZX10R Superbike. Since the accident happened at a fast speed, it had a fatal effect. Look further down the page.

What was the real name of Pro Rider 1000? He was known by his stage name, but his real name was Agastya Chauhan. Pro Rider 1000 had never gone this fast (300 kmph) on his bike before.

This was his first time trying to reach this speed mark. But he lost his temper and ran into a wall. Keep an eye on this site for more information and changes.

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