Solved: Affirm Not Working

by Narendra

Many users have been reporting that affirms not working and there are several reasons that this issue happening. Being a one of the popular financial lender company affirm provide flexible and convenient way to pay the purchased product over time in installments and the best part of affirm is that they never charge late fee or annual fee. So it obviously better service then credit card. Furthermore, using affirm you can easily purchase products from online and offline stores like amazon, best buy, Walmart and more.

But recently several users having problems like affirm prequalify not working, affirm not working at checkout or affirm denied the payment, and many more. So here in this article, we have lined up some of the solutions that can fix the affirm not working error. So no further ado let’s begin.

1. Clean Affirm

Let’s start with the basic one, if you are facing problem while using affirm app then I’d recommend you to clean the affirm app whether you are using android or iOS app that process is same. Follow these steps: First, open settings >> Go to apps >> look for affirm app >> Open and go to storage & cache option >> Now clean the storage and cache.

Sometimes due to bugs, apps like affirm not working for that clean it, and restart the app.

2. Affirm prequalify Not Working

Some users prequalify in affirm not working for that, there is simple solution which is once logged out to your account and log in, again. Now if that doesn’t work for you then check is there any pending payment if yes then clear as soon as possible plus after that contact to affirm.

3. Affirm Denied me

There are several reason by which affirm application denied such as from the long time you are not clear the pending payments or you are spending whole your limits. Furthermore, you can also check your application information is correct or not. Public record and application should match to confirm the affirm application.

4. Affirm Login Issue

If you are facing problem while login in to affirm account on app or website then I’d recommend you to first uninstall the app completely and restart the smartphone. Now install app again and try the original credentials. If still have a problem while login to affirm then reset the id and password.

5. Update App

Affirm not working or lagging then this might be because of an app bug, I’d recommend you to update the app and also check for latest update of smartphone.

6. Disable VPN and Antiviysu

If you are one who uses VPN or any antivirus in-app or browser then disable it and try again. Most of the time VPN, adblocker block the useful scripts. So that result affirms not working.

7. Check Internet

Did you check your internet speed? If not then go to the website and check. Not having a stable internet connection caused site down and affirm not working issue.

Wrapping up: Ways to Fix Affirm Not Working

These were some of the best ways through which your affirm not working error will solve completely. If you still facing problems with app and website of affirm then contact the company through the contact us page.

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