Adopt Me Advent Calendar Rewards 2022

by Narendra

Adopt Me Advent Calendar Rewards 2022: The 2022 Adopt Me advent calendar is now open, and if you open its doors, you can get a lot of cool and useful things. Every day, there will be a new prize, and I’m sure players will want to know what it is.

Well, that’s just what this guide is for. We’ll tell you all the rewards you can get from the advent calendar this year.

Adopt Me Advent Calendar Rewards 2022

Some of the prizes in the 2022 Adopt Me advent calendar are rare toys, Gingerbread (the holiday currency), a special vehicle, and even a unique pet. We’ll keep adding new prizes to the guide every day as we find them.

Obviously, this “event” will go on until December 25, and you have to log in every day to get what’s on offer. After all, that’s how an advent calendar works. So, now that you know all that, here’s a list of what you’ll get from this year’s calendar.

  • Day 1 –- Gingerbread Kitty Throw Toy
  • Day 2 –3k Gingerbread
  • Day 3 –- Strawberry Cakeroll Plush
  • Day 4 –- Gingerbread Star Eye Patch
  • Day 5 –- Strawberry Jam Rattle
  • Day 6 –- 3,000 Gingerbread
  • Day 7 –- Gingerbread Leash
  • Day 8 –-Gingerbread Wreath Flying Disc
  • Day 9 –- Strawberry Shortcake Unicycle
  • Day 10 –- 3,000 Gingerbread
  • Day 11 –- Strawberry Shortcake
  • Day 20 –- Husky Sled 
  • Day 25 –- Reindeer pet

So, that’s what you get when you open a door on the 2022 Adopt Me advent calendar. Again, you have to sign in every day to get everything you can.

This is especially true of the gingerbread. If you want to get the limited holiday pets, you will need a lot of these. The Ermine (9000 Gingerbread), the Irish Elk (35,000 Gingerbread), and the Ice Moth Dragon are some of these (120,000 Gingerbread).

The Strawberry Shortcake Bat Dragon is also available, but it costs a thousand Robux. So, yeah, start putting them together. By the way, the winter activities will give you more gingerbread, which should help at least a little.

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