A Teaser Trailer for “The Last of Us” Has Been Officially Released By HBO

by Ami Dalsania

The official teaser trailer for The Last of Us, a movie based on the hit video games from Naughty Dog, was released by HBO. Fans have been waiting for the series ever since it was announced that the production house would be making the popular action-horror series about mushroom-headed zombies in a world after the end of the world.

HBO released a teaser trailer for the upcoming movie version, which features Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey). The actors from Game of Thrones are back together in what is sure to be another big hit for HBO.

Teaser Trailer for “The Last of Us” Officially Released By HBO

The show is based on the 2013 game by Naughty Dog. It will be the first time HBO has made a show based on a game. The show is a joint production with Sony Pictures Television, Playstation Productions, and Naughty Dog. Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, who wrote and directed the original game and its sequel, The Last of Us Part II, will write the ten episodes.

In addition to Pascal and Ramsey, Gabriel Luna will play Joel’s younger brother Tommy, Anna Torv will play Joel’s smuggling partner Tess, and Merle Dandridge will play the leader of the resistance, Marlene. In the game, Joel, a man who has lost his child, joins forces with Ellie, a girl who doesn’t have a family but is immune to the cordyceps virus and may hold the future of humanity in her blood.

Note: In 2023, HBO will start showing The Last of Us.

The Last of Us’s trailer starts with a shot of signs warning about cordyceps infection, while Hank Williams’s “Alone and Forsaken” plays in the background. Joel walks down a street in a post-apocalyptic hellscape and sees people going about their daily lives.

Two guards watch as two men cover up a Firefly resistance symbol on a door with paint. The next video shows Joel looking like he’s lost in thought while Ellie looks at a wall with the words “When you’re lost in the darkness” written on it. The camera moves down and shows that a chain is around her ankle.

Even though there is a sign that says “Welcome,” a gate that is guarded and has the word “Welcome” on it doesn’t seem very friendly, so Joel and Ellie hide in a big pipe while lights flash above them.

The view then changes to one that gamers will be used to: broken-down cities overgrown with plants and fields of dead people. Joel and Ellie stand still in a room as an unknown silhouette walks by. Joel puts a finger to his lips to tell Ellie to be quiet while he watches her.

A montage comes next: Joel and Ellie are on a merry-go-round. Joel is fighting off attackers, guards, and other people while Nick Offerman’s character, Bill, holds a gun to his head.

It goes on with Joel beating someone up badly, Ellie hiding under a desk and running away from something scary, Melanie Lynskey looking tough and walking through a crowd of armed men, and what looks like a shot of people running away from fires and society going crazy  a bloody Joel holding Ellie and looking scared, a scary full-face shot of one of the game’s famous cordyceps clickers, and finally Joel and Ellie starting their dangerous journey.