A mystery The Callisto Protocol video suggests that something is going on

by Narendra

A phone number that was hidden in a recent teaser for The Callisto Protocol led to the possibility that something will happen next week.

A Twitter user named Shinobi602, who works in the games industry as a brand manager, was interested enough in the latest trailer for the sci-fi horror movie to text the number that shows up in the trailer.

Mystery The Callisto Protocol video suggests

Shinobi texted the number and got a strange video in response. The mysterious teaser shows words like “secrets,” “answers,” “ARCA,” and “lies,” and it ends with a date: September 29.

Look at it for yourself here:

What’s the meaning? Right now, it’s hard to say. What seems clear, though, is that we’ll learn more about The Callisto Protocol on Thursday of next week. Keep an eye on this space, eh?

When we played a bit of The Callisto Protocol at Gamescom, we said, “These may be new tricks, or maybe just new takes on old ones, but there’s still that slightly old-school feel to it.”

“Part of the reason for the rollercoaster-like linearity is that I want to tell the story,” says creator Glen Schofield. “It’s hard to tell a story when you’re going in all different directions and doing different things.”