6 Best Privacy Screens for Apple MacBook Pro

by Narendra

Best Privacy Screens for Apple MacBook Pro: If you often work on your MacBook Pro in public places like libraries or cafes, you may want to stop people from looking at the screen.

That’s why an Apple MacBook Pro privacy screen filter can help stop that from happening. You’ll have to put this filter on the screen of your MacBook Pro to keep other people from seeing what’s on it.

Best Privacy Screens for Apple MacBook Pro

They are thin and easy to put on. Follow the directions on the package to put them on the display. On the other hand, some privacy filters tend to dim the brightness of the screen. Don’t forget that before you get or use one.

1. Privacy Screen Filters Compatible with MacBook Pro

The Antogoo V privacy screen is a good choice if you have a newer 14-inch MacBook Pro. This one is not magnetic, and to stick it to the surface, the person who made it put together strips of clear adhesive. The screen is thin, and the anchors at each corner keep the filter in place so it doesn’t move around too much.

It has the usual bells and whistles, like a coating that reduces glare and a filter that blocks Blue Light. It does what it says it does and fits well with the 14-inch MacBook Pro.

It’s not as well-known as some of the things above. But it has gotten a good number of reviews so far. Users have said good things about its quality and the fact that it doesn’t make the MacBook less bright.

2. PYS Magnetic Privacy Screen Compatible with MacBook Pro

The PYS magnetic privacy screen does have a big advantage over the other screen filters on this list. It has a webcam cover built in. So, when you’re not using the webcam, you can block it by gently sliding the panel. This privacy screen does what it’s supposed to do and keeps people from looking into your screen.

It adds things like a Blue Light filter that protects your eyes. At the same time, the matte finish keeps the screen from being too bright.

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If you care about privacy, which we all should, this screen filter with a cover for your webcam should meet your needs. It’s just a little bit more expensive than the ones above.

3. 3M Privacy Filter for 15″ MacBook Pro

Different from the ones above is the 3M Gold privacy filter. It’s not a magnetic filter, and it sticks to the screen with strips of glue. The only problem with this method is that you won’t be able to take off the screen as often, and when you do, you might leave some residue behind. This filter has a reddish tint, as the name suggests, which may be more comfortable for some users.

When you close the lid of your laptop, this thin filter won’t get in the way. It blocks the side view and lessens the blue light coming from the screen. The company says that this filter cuts down on Blue Light by up to 33%. When it comes to blocking the view, it lets you see up to 45 degrees when you are sitting right in front of it.

It’s made of good materials and will last a long time. But it tends to gather dust, which is something to think about. The 3M gold privacy filter comes in different sizes, including one for a 15-inch screen.

4. SightPro Magnetic Privacy Screen for MacBook Pro

The one by SlightPro is another magnetic privacy screen for the Apple MacBook Pro. It has all the good things that magnetic filters have. But the bottom of this privacy filter doesn’t stick to the screen, so you might need to use small pieces of tape to keep it in place.

Still, it does a good job of blocking the side view and limiting the angles of view. It’s a filter that stops glare and makes it easy to work in bright rooms. At the same time, it’s thin and doesn’t make it hard to close your laptop.

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It’s a very popular product among people who use MacBooks, and people love how much they get for their money. A lot of customers have also said good things about the company’s customer service, which is quick to answer questions about installation, product returns, and replacements.

5. SenseAGE Magnetic Privacy Screen

If you want a magnetic privacy filter for your 13.3-inch MacBook Pro, you might want to check out the one made by SenseAGE. This one does what it says it will do and keeps people from looking in from the sides.

Here, too, the rules are the same. The screen is just as clear for the people right behind you. The good thing is that it doesn’t reduce the brightness of the screen by too much, but it does reduce the glare.

Setting up is easy and doesn’t hurt. You’ll have to line it up over the screen, and it will clip over the screen. Bubbles happen less often because of the magnetic screen. At the same time, you can take the screen off your Mac at any time without leaving any marks.

It is a popular privacy filter for the MacBook, and its users have said good things about it. People love it because it sticks well and they can take it off whenever they want.

6. Magnetic Privacy Screen for 13 Inch

The Ceydebne Privacy screen is a magnetic screen that, as its name implies, uses magnets to attach to the screen of your Mac. This means you avoid having to deal with the difficulties of using adhesive tapes to attach it. You should have no trouble closing the laptop’s lid because the filter is thin.

The screen filter can be turned around. The matte side is on the opposite side from the highly polished side. And based on your preferences, you can pick one. In addition to obstructing side views, it lessens screen glare.

Overall, the performance is respectable and effective. It’s important to note that this privacy filter is among the most affordable. Additionally, if you avoid working in an overly bright space, it ought to be adequate.

Wrapping up: Best Privacy Screens for Apple MacBook Pro

These were some of the top Apple MacBook Pro privacy screens. Consider purchasing a magnetic privacy screen if you intend to take it down while at home. You can remove them whenever you want, and they are simple to install. You can even bring your laptop if it is in a suitable bag.