Best Free Sports Streaming Live Website (100% Working) In 2021

by Narendra

Hey! are you looking for a Live streaming website? Here I pick the best free Sports Streaming website for free to watch your sports.

When we don’t know about the Live sports streaming website, we just frustrated to watch our favorite football, cricket, and many more games and missed the live sports streaming, but no more here, I list out the best sports streaming live website where you can choose your favorite website and watch your sports online without a cable connection. There are millions of sports lover like me who don’t have time to watch sports matches in the playground, For them here in this article I will tell you some great website, where you can watch your favorite sports shows.

Best Live Sports Streaming Sites In 2021

These are Sports Watching websites at glance:

  • Hotstar
  • Sony Liv Sports
  • Laola1
  • Your Sports Live
  • Skor Live
  • Boss Cast
  • Sportrar T.V

1. Hotstar

Here is the first website (Hotstar) which is most popular in India, here you can watch live cricket or any other sports matches, its an largest live streaming website in India, if you are from a foreign country then you can use it by VPN or any other service, Using Hotstar you can watch shows, movies in 17 different regional language, hotstar having clean user interface and easy to navigation to watch your favorite tv shows and best for live cricket and football matches in full HD you can also adjust quality as pe network signal. Hotstar is mix sports website where you can watch and stream live tv shows and many more all around the world.

Hotstar Sports

There is also a Premium option in which you can watch premium movies, unrestricted sports events live from all over the world and it will you the best experience on VIP premium price.

From 2015 when hotstar is launched it almost covers the Asia market with having 350 million+ downloads and it’s totally grown in streaming live t.v and sports from there websites and mobile android and iPhones apps. Hotstar really gives you the best performance to watch your live cricket.

Sports Hotstar Offers IPL cricket matches, Formula1 races, Tennis, Various Star serial, Live tennis grand Slams, Football live streaming, Racing, Kabaddi, Table tennis, US open and many more.

Best Features of Hotstar
  • Having a very decent and clean user interface
  • Having a large variety of channels and sports streaming events
  • It’s safe and secure browsing and watching sports shows.

Sports Streaming Site: Hotstar (Free/ paid)

2. Sony LIV Sports

Sony LIV Sport is an alternative of Hotstar its also an Indian website, where you can enjoy to watch live streaming of cricket match, English TV Shows, Documentaries, Watch Movies Online, Free Movies, Mini Talkies-ShortFilms, Sports Showcase, Popular Tournaments and many more you have a great option to choose.

And if you want to download & need more movies online or TV Shows then you have to move through a paid option where you will get the premium option to use all of it. Sony LIV sports also give you the free option but its only for the trial period that means you can watch for a limited time.

Sony Liv Sports

To start watching sports online you need to register once and enjoy the free plan. And if you leaving outside India then also you can enjoy your favorite shows with the help of VPN, it will migrate the server from your country to India that’s the best way to use, In India, Sony LIV sports is the most popular website to stream live shows and matches, sony liv also gives us a free mobile app for android and ios you can also stream sports through smartphones.

Sports Offers SonyLIV: Live streaming of channels like ten1, ten golf, watch live UEFA champions, watch football live, Volleyball Matches, ATP Matches, Watch Wrestling, Watch MotoGP live and many more sports channels and live streaming sports.

Best Features of SonyLIV
  • You can watch every sport you want.
  • Ease to use in the free and paid plan
  • The top site for sport streaming in India
  • Safe and secure site and app.

Sports Streaming Site: Sony LIV Sports (Free/ paid)

3. Laola1

Laola1 is another sports streaming website where you get live streaming sports and many other videos on different sports. If you are interested to watch football live then this is a great website for you here you will get many interesting videos on different sports as well football, laola1 having the international users from which they are watching different types of sports, it’s a safe website which is most popular in Australia region and some foreign countries.

The website gives you the best user interface and clean design through which you can watch live matches, If you are living in another foreign county and the site is banned then you can take the help of a VPN server to remove the restriction on it and watch your favorite show.

laola1 sports streaming site

Laola1 provides the various sports streaming channels to watch your favorite one from there. The best part I like in laola1 is the fast service through which you can change the channel as you want all the channel are working in full HD and streaming in good quality, as a comparison to other sites its also a good option to choose the free sports streaming site.

It also supports the various international language like English and german, really a great site to watch live sports events.

Sports offers laola1: Various football live matches, Badminton, table tennis, motor shows, the latest videos of sports, football videos live and many more.

Best Feature of Laola1
  • Fast and having good sports video
  • Easy to watch live football matches
  • You can watch different matches for free

Sports Streaming Site: Laola1 (Free/ paid)

4. Your Sports Live

Your Sports Live is another amazing website where you can easily watch a live stream of football, Hockey, Tv online, Movies this is a great website for live streamers. I Mostly use for football live streaming for that you just click on it. There will show you the list of games which is live on the right side it will show you blue arrow it means it’s live so it’s already set up for those playoff games that are coming up this weekend so you definitely have this on your tv and smartphones.

The best part I liked in your sport live is they have beautifully categorized the menu from where you can easily get what you want.

your sports live

Like if you want to watch live sports channels then there is another huge list of many channels from which you can choose the best one or as per your choice you can watch online, your sport live has a very decent user interface from which everyone wants to watch sport here.

Whether you in a different country and you want to watch different country sports channel then here you can also get that really what management having in your sport live its a new website which will help you in free sports streaming.

Sports offer your sports live: Football matches live to stream, badminton streaming live, next football live, and many more sports channels which show us live.

The best feature of Your Sports live
  • Having lots of categories and best perform on live streaming.
  • Ease to use.
  • Having a great user interface
  • Safe and secure available in almost all countries

Sports Streaming Site: Your Sports Live (Free/ paid)

Note: Open This link in the Puffin browser for a better experience.

5. Skor Live

Skor live is another website which will have many options to watch your favorite sports It contains sports like American Football, Badminton, Boxing, Cricket, Handball, Golf, Motorsports and a lot more you just check out and pick your favorite one from there.

Skor live has fast and easy to use menu options and categories from which you can pick the right one sport for the live streaming, Here in skor live you will get every sports genre that you want to set on live streaming it’s really a great website from which you can choose sports channels to show.

skor live sports

The best part I like in skor live is it always show the live streaming as well appearing the sports article as related to that, as the live streaming is on for the sport you can easily choose the right option and play it gives you the free option to watch your favorite sports channels.

Skor live is available in every country if it is not available then you can also use VPN or any other way by which you can use skor live website and watch live streaming websites.

Sports offer skorlive: Football live streaming, boxing, cricket handball, Netball, tennis, UFC, Volleyball, Rugby, Soccer, Boxing and many more in live streaming.

The best feature In skorlive
  • Having huge categories of sports to watch live streaming.
  • Live streaming sports channel run smooth
  • Having sports Categories by every different sport.
  • Ease to find every sport live streaming.

Sports Streaming Site: Skorlive

6. Boss Cast

Here is another great website (Boss Cast) where you can watch live streaming sports channels there are lots of great channels which shows you the live t.v, here you will get all those sports live streaming option where you can watch your matches whether its a football live streaming or cricket.

Boss cat basically gives you the full sports channels list you can choose which channel you like to see your favorite sports, every different channel has a different program, Boss cast is the great way to watch your sports online without paying any fee to the service provider.

bosscast live streaming site

The best part I like in boss cast is you don’t need any third-party app to watch sports, here in boss cast it will provide inbuilt video player through which we can watch our live channel, If you don’t wanna miss the major shows or live sports then this is the best option where you can watch your sports without paying any fee.

Sports offer Boss cast: Football matches, cricket matches live, live streaming of any sports-related, badminton live streaming and many more these are the free channel where you can see any sports in free.

Best Feature of Boss cast
  • Good user interface to see the channel list
  • Inbuilt video player to watch live streaming
  • Fast and secure streaming
  • Most countries have are legal to use.

Sports Streaming Site: Boss Cast

7. Sportrar T.V

Here is another great website to watch free live streaming sports, With sportrar T.V you can watch any sports whether its an football, cricket, baseball, hockey or any other spots its really a great site for fast and easy to use here you will get the fastest streaming from the other website, Using sportrar T.V you can also watch highlights of every match or its also show you the correct timing of live streaming of any sport as you want.

sportrar tv live streaming

The best part I like in sportrar t.v is the user interface where you will easily find the different sports in the menu section and the dashboard always showing the timing of the upcoming event to make you update but there are lots, of ads so to avoid the ads you have top use adblocker which helps you to avoid ads. And if the site is blocked in your county then you can use a VPN that will give you access to use.

Sports Offer Sportrar T.V: Football live streaming, cricket, baseball, basketball, and many other sports.

Best feature of Sportrar T.V
  • Great customization of sports
  • Dashboard update to get the latest timing of live matches
  • Fast and easy to use
  • You can also do registration for regular update

Sports Streaming Site: SportrarT.V

Wrapping Up: Best Sports Streaming Sites

Sports is a very popular sports in the world there are millions of people are searching to watch free sports streaming sites here in the article I solved the problem and mention the best sports streaming sites to watch your favorite sports, Some sports sites are work in your country and some not but don’t worry, you can use VPN service to use other countries content and sites.

Which sports streaming site you like the most and are there any more sites, that you want to add on the list then feel free to tell me in the comment section.

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