21 July Indian Celebrity Birthdays, July 21 Famous Birthdays In India

by Anchal Thakur

21 July Birthdays of Indian Stars – 21 July Birthdays of Indian Stars – Celebrities are the actors, actresses, directors, and producers in the movie business, especially in the Indian movie business. People look for the birthdays of famous Indian people born on July 21. Here is more information about the famous Indian people who were born on July 21. Read the information below to learn more about it.

21 July Indian Celebrity Birthdays

People try to find out who was born on July 21 who is well-known. Here’s more about the famous people who were born on July 21. Find out about famous people who were born on July 21 in the information below. Don’t skip over the information given your search. This website has a lot of information about famous people who were born on July 21. There are more well-known people who were born on July 21.

S.NoBirthday Celebrity NameBirth DateBirthday celebrity Profession
1Varun SandeshJuly 21, 1989Indian actor
2BharathJuly 21, 1984Indian actor
3Aditya SrivastavaJuly 21, 1968Indian actor and voiceover artist
4Aniruddh DaveJuly 21, 1986Indian television actor
5ArulnithiJuly 21, 1987Indian actor
6Sandesh JhinganJuly 21, 1993Indian football player
7Sangram SinghJuly 21, 1985Indian wrestler
8Anand BakshiJuly 21, 1930Indian poet and lyricist
9Madhu ShaliniJuly 21, 1989Indian film actress and model
10Amar Singh ChamkilaJuly 21, 1960Indian musician
11Ashish ChaudharyJuly 21, 1978Indian actor
12AnnieJuly 21, 1978Indian actress
13Mallikarjun KhargeJuly 21, 1942Indian politician
14Satyajeet DubeyJuly 21, 1990Indian actor
15Umashankar JoshiJuly 21, 1911poet, scholar and writer
16Shankersinh VaghelaJuly 21, 1940Indian politician
17Bharath ReddyJuly 21, 1983actor
18Rachana MauryaJuly 21, 1987Indian actress
19R. KannanJuly 21, 1971Indian film director
20Rajkumar SethupathiJuly 21, 1954Indian actor
21Chandu BordeJuly 21, 1934Indian cricket player
22Nikhil MahajanJuly 21, 1984Film Director
23Chetan ChauhanJuly 21, 1947Indian cricket player
24Shaili ChopraJuly 21, 1981Indian journalist
25Shubhankar SharmaJuly 21, 1996Indian golfer
26Mohammad SaifJuly 21, 1976Indian cricketer
27Soumya RamakrishnanJuly 21, 1984Indian singer
28Avinash VyasJuly 21, 1912poet, music composer, film music director, singer
29Divya SinghJuly 21, 1982Indian basketball player
30Jairamdas DaulatramJuly 21, 1891Indian political leader
31Mihir Kanti ChaudhuriJuly 21, 1947Indian scientist
32Ramchandra Chintaman DhereJuly 21, 1930Indian writer
33Kudamaloor JanardananJuly 21, 1969Indian musician
34Rakhshanda JalilJuly 21, 1963Indian writer, critic and literary historian
35Avinash Kaur SarinJuly 21, 1965journalist and voice artist
36Sarla MaheshwariJuly 21, 1954Indian politician
37Aditya KalyanpurJuly 21, 1978Indian musician
38Milap Chand JainJuly 21, 1929Indian judge
39Ravinder Kumar MolhuJuly 21, 1969Indian politician
40Rajani TiwariJuly 21, 1973Indian politician
41Pamulaparthi Sadasiva RaoJuly 21, 1921Indian activist
42Dharam Singh UppalJuly 21, 1959Indian athlete and police officer
43Mohammad ShakeelJuly 21, 1927Indian politician
44Arthur Walderne St Clair TisdallJuly 21, 1890Recipient of the Victoria Cross
45OliviaTJuly 21, 1986Dancer and musician
46Chhangur RamJuly 21, 1932Indian politician
47Shanti RamJuly 21, 1990long distance marathon runner
48Archana DasJuly 21, 1988cricketer
49Lajja Ram TomarJuly 21, 1930Ashoka Chakra recipient
50Vijendra YadavJuly 21, 1973cricketer

July 21 Famous Birthdays In Tamil Nadu

S.NoBirthday Celebrity NameBirth DateBirthday celebrity Profession
1BharathJuly 21, 1984Indian actor
2ArulnithiJuly 21, 1987Indian actor
3Bharath ReddyJuly 21, 1983Indian actor
4R. KannanJuly 21, 1971Indian film director
5Rajkumar SethupathiJuly 21, 1954Indian actor

Who is known as a celebrity?

Celebrities are the actors, actresses, directors, and producers of the Film Industry.

List the July 21 birthdays of famous people in Tamil Nadu.
Bharath Arulnithi Bharath Reddy
R. Kannan
Rajkumar Sethupathi

List the July 21 birthdays of famous Indians.

Varun Sandesh, Bharath Aditya Srivastava, and Aditya Srivastava
Aniruddh Dave \sArulnithi

What is Varun Sandesh?

Jeedigunta Varun Sandesh is an Indian American actor who is best known for his work in Telugu films.

What is Bharath?

Bharath Srinivasan, who works as an actor and goes by the name Bharath, is from India.

Who’s Arulnithi?

Arulnithi Tamilarasu is an Indian actor.