2000 Overwatch Coins Missing in Overwatch 2

by Kirti Rajput

2000 Overwatch Coins Missing in Overwatch 2 : The wait is over, and OW2 is finally here! But, even though it was somewhat expected, OW2 has had a lot of problems since it became free-to-play. Problems with connecting to OW2 and missing items are two examples of these problems.

In particular, a lot of people who bought the Watchpoint Pack didn’t get their 2000 Overwatch Coins. Here’s what we know about why your 2,000 Overwatch Coins have gone missing.

2000 Overwatch Coins Missing in Overwatch 2

Even though Overwatch 2 is free to play, there are still a lot of ways to spend money on it. One of these ways is the Watchpoint Pack, which acts like a “welcome bundle” in similar free-to-play games.

2000 Overwatch Coins Missing in Overwatch 2

And this pack costs a lot. This nice thing will cost you $39.99. So, it’s only natural that many players are worried that when they can finally play OW2, their content will be gone.

Some players haven’t gotten the 2000 Overwatch Coins that are included in this bundle. These coins are a new form of currency that you can use to buy cosmetic items or the new battle pass in the game’s shop.

So, what should you do if you don’t have your OW coins? We know why your Overwatch Coins are gone, which is good news. The bad news is that you can’t do much about it right now. From the tweet below, you can see that this is a known problem. As we write this, developers are working to fix it.

When paid content is missing like this, we usually tell players to log out and back in or restart the game. But there are huge lines of players waiting to get on the servers right now.

So, if you are already in the game, you should wait and just play the game for now. We hope the problem will be fixed soon.